Shadow Woman

By House Party Theatre (other events)

9 Dates Through Oct 28, 2017

Just in time for Halloween, House Party Theatre is back with a dark, supernatural thriller cooked up in their new play development wing: SHADOW WOMAN, by Claire Carson.

17-year-old Arrah Andrews and her father finally move into a new house and for a moment, life starts to feel normal again.  Arrah's ready to head back to high school, enjoy her dad’s wholehearted attempts at homemade pizza, and hang out with her best friend, Rachel. Soon Arrah realizes there’s something in the house no one but she and her cat seem to notice.  

Then she wakes up with the bruises on her wrists.

Throughout the play, Arrah goes to life-defining war on two fronts: a dark struggle against a powerful supernatural presence threatening to destroy her and her family from the inside out, and a simultaneous battle against the package-deal fears that accompany being female in today’s turbulent world.

SHADOW WOMAN is Dallas' latest world premiere, coming to you THIS OCTOBER from HPT.  See you on the edge of your seat.

Live the horror at the Bath House Cultural Center UNDERGROUND:

10/14 - 8pm
10/19 - 8pm
10/20 - 8pm
10/21 - 2pm, 8pm
10/26 - 8pm
10/27 - 8pm
10/28 - 2pm, 8pm

Directed by Jenna Richanne Hannum, assistant directed by Katie Ibrahim and starring
Bella O'Brien as Arrah
Dakota Ratliff as Rachel
Stan Graner as Dad
Kent Van Dover as Mr. Manobla
Nick Riley as Man
Hannah Weir as Shadow Woman
with Gracie Odette Cuny as Cat